October 04, 2005

RTR The Packers Still Suck Edition


Yeah I am a Packer fan........by birth.

MilBlogs The Book

Patrick plays Ozzie to Harriet

Pile On has a few ideas to spark a pro war counter rally.

Old Buffalo ankles may be in DANEgerus territory

Take the time and go sign THIS for all of our sake.

Tigerhawk has this BBC traveling freakshow poll on the ten best world leaders............ouch

Confederate Yankee post on Simcox telling Mexico where to get off

Some sound advice on Drinking and blogging.

I sure would like to send THIS COOL TARGET to some 2nd amendment defender, all ya got to do is ask for it.

THIS kickass piece of hardware is for Bullseye!

Harriet and the 2nd amendment..........Maybe I was wrong

Ronnie Earle and the Great White Whale

I feel HIS pain

VDH on Conflicted Europe this guy should write a book or something.

Defiance is a beautiful thing!

Rick's Hot Chicks!

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You knew I would click on that link of Ricks didn't you?


Posted by: Pile On at October 4, 2005 08:23 PM
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