July 22, 2007

Calling The Kettle Black

Is it just me that finds the humor and irony in the fact that a racist group know as "The Race" plays the race card? They want to stop the Wave of Hate. We all know how they can do it quickly and effectively. GO HOME!
Ms. Munoz of La Raza babbles on:

"All these people who have been saying to us, 'We just want people to follow the rules and be here legally; we have no problem with legal immigrants ...' Well, they're going after legal immigrants on the floor [of Congress] about once a week," she said. "And some of those attacks don't just go after legal immigrants; they go after U.S. citizens, if they happen to be foreign-born. So that sounds to us like this is not about legal immigration. This is a broader attack, and that attack looks like it's against us."

I think it is related to the 12 to 20 million invaders that want to turn this country into a stinking shithole like the one they left...........

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