February 27, 2007

El Toro Caca

Muy Grande Toro Caca

Same Lefty Fishwrap the very next day.

The Shape Of Things To Come

Mexafornia, Five Years Later

Posted by BillyBudd at February 27, 2007 06:57 AM | TrackBack

This may shock you (are you sitting down?) my wife, the phd medical researcher from China has not committed any violent crimes since immigrating.

Posted by: Pile On® at February 27, 2007 06:52 PM

I loathe liberal idiots, but this part is hard to argue with and easily verifiable:

"The report — which analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau, police records and other sources — also shows that a large increase in illegal immigrants has not resulted in a rise in crime. Since 1994, violent crime in the United States has declined 34 percent, and property crime has fallen 26 percent. At the same time, the illegal immigrant population has doubled to around 12 million."

I think if one is opposed to illegal immigration than we will just have to drop crime as one of the reasons for our opposition.

There is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to admit that we were.

Posted by: bernie at February 28, 2007 09:27 PM

Bernie, head on down to Arizona Territory and I will take you on a tour. Our pristene deserts are destroyed, crime, drugs, and human smuggling are skyrocketing. Stolen vehicle and home invasions are our growth industries. Spin the the stats anyway you want, it is the result of our porous borders an lack of enforcement. The illegal immigrants that trash our lands and steal our public services are the very same one commiting most of the crime. I believe it because I see it.

Posted by: Billy Budd at March 1, 2007 07:04 AM