November 20, 2005

Border Bandits

Armed standoff on Rio Grande Uniformed Mexicans with guns, bulldozer
seize drug-bust truck from Border Patrol


U.S. Border Patrol agents were backed down this week by armed men, dressed in what appeared to be Mexican military uniforms and carrying military weapons, who seized a captured dump truck filled with marijuana from the U.S. agents and dragged it across the border into Mexico with a bulldozer.

The border incident occurred Thursday evening when Border Patrol agents attempted to pull over a dump truck on Interstate 10 in Hudspeth County, Texas. The driver fled from the agents, exiting the freeway and driving toward the Rio Grande which runs within 2 miles of the interstate in this portion of West Texas.

The rest is HERE. In the spirit of Pancho Villa the erasure of our border continues. It is time to build that fence...........I think an air strike would have been an appropriate response

Tucson Weekly offers this chilling account of destruction of pristene American property along the border. Tucson Weekly is not exactly a rightwing fishwrap either.

We Need A Fence

We Need Air Cover

Soft Southern Underbelly

Posted by BillyBudd at November 20, 2005 06:47 AM | TrackBack

I read this on WorldNet Daily earlier. This is incredible and our government does nothing. Where is the outrage of our "leaders"?

Posted by: BobG at November 20, 2005 07:47 AM

So much for your trackback 'Internal Server Error' is all I get.

Posted by: Michael at November 20, 2005 10:55 AM

Sounds like Montezuma's revenge! Internal server error.......get it? A little Marine Humor!

Could be a haloscan moment just use the archive instead of the trackback..........

Posted by: Billy Budd at November 20, 2005 11:23 AM
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