November 03, 2005

In A Nutshell

When I read opinions like this that are clear and concise and from a soldiers perspective, I know that we are in good hands indeed:

Saddam loved Saddam. He had statues and pictures of himself everywhere. No one could say Saddam was a bad man without facing extreme punishment, torture, or death. I met a man who casually suggested that "Saddam's chair has wobbly legs" when a friend asked him what he thought Iraq's future would be like. That man was sent to prison for two years for his comment.

Families were afraid to talk about Saddam in their own homes for fear that other family members would inform to the Mukhabbarat (intelligence service) about their comments and have them thrown in jail, or worse. If the Mukhabbarat caught wind of any dissent, they would torture, rape, and kill whole neighborhoods until someone confessed.

Please read the Rest from T Bone

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