November 03, 2005

Is Paris Burning?

Eight Day Ramadan Celebration In Paris Continues


The French members of the Religion of Peace celebrate Ramadan by demonstrating more tolerance and diversity HERE. In an effort to show the Americans that the poor, poor immigrants, and poor Muslim immigrants in France can be as progressive as the LA rioters, they also burn down their own neighborhoods. One RoP member was quoted as saying "We too can shit where we sleep!" (in French of course). Those clever imported Froggies!

"Please behave Please!"

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin stated emphatically "I will not accept organized gangs making the law in some neighborhoods. I will not accept having crime networks and drug trafficking profiting from disorder." Then added "Well I guess we will, unless the UN steps in and asks the rioters to stop with a firm but polite resolution"

"Some days it just sucks to be French"

Riots Planned Three Weeks Ago?


Lots More Here

A Plausible Explanation

Even Better!

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Welcome to the world of megaterrorism


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