October 30, 2005

Toe Cutter

Well I am back from Elk Springs.........I left the little Princess in the care of her aunt while Mrs. Dinosaur and I were gone. I was informed that she, my Little Princess of THIS POST, which I did not write but endorse wholeheartly drove down to Wilcox, Az with her Aunt, Great Aunt, and Grandmother and drove the whole way there and back!

You all don't understand what I-10 from Willcox to Tucson is like on a Sunday afternoon. This is the car she drove:


From Exit 340 all the way to Exit 278 is filled with all the villany, treachery, and outright four wheeled Armageddon that a driver of considerable skill may hope to encounter, my little girl drove the 160 mile round trip with ease. Now the collective female intelligence leaves something to be desired and the the baptism under fire was something I was saving for a more apporpriate time.

Oh well............what is done tis done!

Posted by BillyBudd at October 30, 2005 06:28 PM | TrackBack

That is a very nice car. Your little girl must have been very proud to be sitting behind the wheel of that beaut. At sixteen I occasionally got to drive my mom's car. A big yellow station wagon. Believe me, it was better that way.

Posted by: Patty-Jo at October 31, 2005 09:24 AM

Really snazzy looking wheels!!!
And what a brave little girl your daughter is. Are we proud? Of course!!

Posted by: Mountain Mama at October 31, 2005 10:52 PM

Actually ladies that is a picture of Mel Gibson's police interceptor from the cult movie classic Mad Max. I am afraid that would be a little too much car for most insurance companies now a days. I think a Honda Civic is more the car du jour for young ladies.

Posted by: Billy Budd at November 1, 2005 06:42 AM

Two words: Davidson Canyon
Phoenix to Tucson is worse though.

Posted by: Desert Cat at November 4, 2005 11:00 PM

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