October 18, 2005

RtR Git-R-Done Edition


Bright and early and I got-r-done!

Gotta Read The Headline Twice, but is seems like sanity prevails in Alaska

Don't really need it, but I am gonna BUY IT......ammo that is. ALL THESE DUDES ARE IN

Tac Jammer has the skinny on the new Jiangling Landwind a Chinese SUV imported to Europe. From the crash test results it may be the way Chinese will attempt global domination.

Think the Blogosphere is just mindless drivel? Serious Topics are discussed at length.

Karl Rove's Garage

Go HERE or HERE or HERE and do YOUR part!

The Milblog crackdown Continues

Patrick demonstrates more love from the Religion Of Hate

Oliver Wills on the Million Racist March

My "This Will Piss You Off" post for this week.

All you stuffy conservatives ought to sneak in here now and then.

The goods on Calypso Louie

Sheila Jackson Lee on Our Side?

The Fourth Wall a worthy read.

Because I live in the Reality Based community, I have always had a hard time with unrealistic movies. Movie Physics explains all the things that can and cannot violate the basic laws of physics. Cool site actually.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.......or we have THIS because of THIS

The Last post on Mother Sheehan on this blog ever.

The Red Voice explains whats going on in Texas

THESE ASSHATS are all giddy about doing to Brazil what they did in the UK and Austraila.......poor stupid sheep.

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