August 25, 2005

A King And His Castle

American Dinosaur awoke this morning and rose from the primordial ooze that is Arizona in August. Ninety five degrees and 80 percent humidity makes for a grouchy demanding Tyrannosaurus. I crashed through the castle past the Prince's bedchamber and the Princess' as well. My tail pounding the walls on the way to the great hall, I Shouted " Queen!" My Queen looked up unfazed and undaunted by the appearance of such a formidable Carnivor. "Have your spawn clean their bedchambers before I get home or else!" I roared.

Haughtly the Queen replied with an unintelligible remark that smacked at the Kings place in the hierarchy in his own castle. Furious at this obvious usrpation of the omnipotent mastery of my domain. I belched my retort " What I want is for someone around this Keep to............" Within an instant a character assassin stealthfully and swiftly pulled my codpiece down to my ankles in one merciless fell swoop. The Queen had depants the King and left him humbled, alone, and demoralized. I sadly looked down at my dignity and finished my sentence........respect my authority."

With that I quickly pulled up my pride and left the Castle for the safety and comfort of the battlefield of capitalism. Work.

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