August 15, 2005

Book Report 2

Meet You In Hell
By Les Standiford

Meet You In Hell is a very interesting look into the lives of Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. both men were of modest backgrounds who rose to Captains of Industry that amassed fortunes rivaling Bill Gates. The story winds through their associations as friends, partners, owner/employee, rivals, and then bitter enemies. The book was entertaining and a fascinating look at early American industry. I give the book a solid B+.

Carnegie is known as a great philanthropist and Frick amassed a collection of art that was unrivaled for many decades and is still on display in his New York home now known as "The Frick". It is amazing that these two men that were generous in their later years were ruthless at their peak. The Homestead strike cost thirty-five men their lives and many more wounded. It broke the back of the iron workers union for forty years.

Their business dealings rivaled These Guys through speculating, dirty dealing, and insider trading ( most of it legal at the time) you follow them through a life of wealth and intrigue. At the turn of the century Carnegie Steel was sold for a cool $480 million, billions in todays dollars Carnegie went on to fund the building of over 3000 libraries.

The two men in their old age remained bitter rivals and spent fortunes trying to out do each other. Carnegie wanted to bury the hatchet in his waning years and sent a note to Frick to meet with him and settle their differences before they died. Frick cooly exclaimed "Tell him I'll meet you in hell!"

Next up: The Five People You meet In Heaven, by Mitch Albom

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