September 25, 2007

Jebel Ali

The Big E in Jebel Ali, Dubai on Sunday


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I love that ship! It stopped in Pensacola a few years back, and we went out to see it. Even had a few Klingons hanging around it...too funny!

Posted by: Mrs. Who at September 29, 2007 05:55 AM

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ies and tools to help participants reduce their own carbon footprint. Audi will also showcase the new Audi Q7 3.0 TDI with ultra low emission system, the cleanest diesel engine in the world. Conference attendees will be able to attend a “Living Green” panel discussion hosted by Dr. Hackenberg Wiedl, Head of Audi Diesel Powertrain Product Management, and hear firsthand how individual driving behavior can impact fuel consumption by 30 percent. She will also highlight the integrated fuel reduction strategy of Audi including the high tech TDI engines with...

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They said the password protection system could be broken by hackers "within minutes" with software downloadable from the internet. Tony Harbon, Managing Director of network security firm Clearview Systems, said public sector organisations were coming to realise that having a policy on how information should be used was not enough. They must also train staff on how to follow the guidelines, he said. He said: "Data leakage is increasingly a problem. People have to realise that securing this sort of...

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I have never been much in favour of online shopping. The idea that the ancient physical delight of strolling the marketplace or bazaar and taking in its sights and smells might one day be replaced by clicking and dragging from a desktop is one I have always found more repugnant than convenient. But that was before I found out aboutWhat is Etsy? If you ask its founder, 27 year old Brooklyn based Rob Kalin, Etsy is "a childhood word from a Fellini movie" that he chose because "it embodies the curiosity of imagination" (the naughty Kalin has also playfully told the press that Etsy comes...

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E Verify, formerly known as Basic Pilot, is a voluntary program that is designed to allow employers to electronically compare an employee's personal information against databases maintained by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. The accuracy of the Internet based system has improved in recent years, but still has shortcomings, according to the 254 page report prepared for Homeland Security officials by Westat, a Rockville, Md. based research corporation. A higher error rate Maria Elena Garcia Upson, a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman, said the agency is in the process of evaluating the report and had no immediate comment on Friday afternoon. The system is a centerpiece of the Bush administration's worksite enforcement plan. The report warned that...

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Down under, politics is played as roughly as rugby. There are no helmets and there are even no holds barred. For the last 11 years, Prime Minister John Howard and the Liberal/National Party (conservative) have held sway, wielding the club of lower taxes. But the opposition Labor Party under the leadership of Kevin Rudd is expected to come out on top on during this election. What will be the impact of Rudd's meteoric rise on the Australian economy and stock market? Let's put it in perspective. Play China...

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The Montreal Alouettes safety claimed the second annual award in an Internet poll of Canadian football fans. For winning the honour, Gibson's Finest made a $10,000 donation to the charity of Boulay's choice, the Quebec Cancer Foundation. "A lot of people in my family have been affected by cancer," said the 24 year old Montreal native. "I think it's something everyone knows about and knows someone who's been affected. "Even on the Alouettes, the wife of our quarterback Anthony Calvillo was diagnosed with cancer. It was my chance, my opportunity to give back for a great cause." Last month, Calvillo took an indefinite leave of absence from the...

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President Emile Lahoud left office shortly before midnight Friday amid a feud over who was in charge in the politically divided nation. Siniora, whose government effectively took charge of the country on Saturday in line with the constitution, told reporters "we will exert all efforts to carry out as soon as possible the election in line with the constitution." "We, as a government, will continue to carry out our duties as provided by the constitution," he said after meeting with Maronite Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir, from whose community Lebanese presidents are drawn. The crisis has prompted fears that two rival governments could be formed, as was the case at the end of the 1975 1990 civil war. Siniora dismissed Lahoud's parting statement on Friday in which he said he was handing over responsibility for the country's security to the army on...

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