August 23, 2008

Picture Box

Three Harrington and Richardson Saturday night specials. Fun to collect, useless to shoot. Nice picturebox project and wall art history.

Harrington and Richardson 1877 .22

Harrington and Richardson 1876 .32

Forehand and Wadsworth 1893 hammerless .38 S&W made by Harrington and Richardson

Cost for all three guns plus the picturebox...............$114.99


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August 22, 2008

Obama Bayh ?

Done Deal? NOPE

Say It Ain't So, Joe

Solid Analysis

More Goodness


From Cowboy Blob

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August 13, 2008

The Bear Is Back


Russians, Soviets, Commies...............Same old bear.

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August 08, 2008

Lowlife Scumbag Lawyer Part 2


Lovechild, never meant to be...................

You think that I dont feel love
But what I feel for you is real love
In others eyes I see reflected
A hurt, scorned, rejected

Love child, never meant to be
Love child, born in poverty
Love child, never meant to be
Love child, take a look at me

I started my life in an old, cold run down tenement slum
My father left, he never even married mom
I shared the guilt my mama knew
So afraid that others knew I had no name

This love were contemplating
Is worth the pain of waiting
Well only end up hating
The child we maybe creating

Love child, never meant to be
Love child, (scorned by) society
Love child, always second best
Love child, different from the rest

Mm, baby (hold on, hold on, just a little bit)
Mm, baby (hold on, hold on, just a little bit)
I started school, in a worn, torn, dress that somebody threw out
I knew the way it felt, to always live in doubt
To be without the simple things
So afraid my friends would see the guilt in me

Dont think that I dont need you
Dont think I dont wanna please you
No child of mine ll be bearing
The name of shame Ive been wearing

Love child, love child, never quite as good
Afraid, ashamed, misunderstood

But Ill always love you
Ill always love you
Ill always love you
Ill always love you
Ill always love you
Ill always love you

I stole the pic from someone who stole it on Fark..

"She is a good and honest person, the sweetest and most caring woman one could ever hope to meet," the sister said.

Uh no honey she is the slut who slept with the lowlife scumbag lawyer, while his wife is dying of cancer.

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Lowlife Scumbag Lawyer

NEWSFLASH!!!!! Lowlife Scumbag Lawyer admits to being a Lowlife Scumbag Lawyer

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August 07, 2008

The Disassociator


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More Good News

Hopefully They Fry This One Too

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August 04, 2008

Parenting 101



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August 02, 2008

Why Do You Want To Kill Me?


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