October 20, 2008

Ignorance Defined

A comment left on American Dinosaur:

David says,

"How does Obama know about the middle class? Wait a second... how the hell does McCain know? He's worked for the government or the military his whole life, born into it, and married into wealth. He knows nothing about making it in the real world, without his dad's reputation keeping him from being booted out of the air force. Seriously, he crashed two planes before he ever saw combat; he was an incompetent pilot that was only kept in the sky by his Admiral father. Obama's the one that had to bootstrap himself up to where he is."

I say:


I think you made typo.....Quote:
Obama's the one that had to bootstrap himself up to where he is.

That should have been:
Obama's the one that had to bootlick himself through Chicago politics up to where he is.

What I should have said was this............
David, I have a question for you. What do Rickenbacker, Voss, Udet, Luke, Richthofen, Yeager, Hughes, Bush Sr. Hartmann, Galland, Bong, etc, and those are just off the top of my head, all have in common with John McCain? Answer: They all are pilots, many of them the finest aces in history that have crashed one or many aircraft. You ignorance of history is dispicable. What do you know of real men that do dangerous things to defend your right to be an asshole?

The closest you have ever come to being shot down is when you hit on a stewardess after a few to many white zinfandels and she told you no.........Real men in times of war break things and hurt people, that sometimes includeds themselves. Only one in a million have the skills to fly fighters on and off a carrier. Ever seen it done? I have from the flight deck underway. If you ever did you would shut your silly childish piehole and beg the men and women who defend your sorry ass for forgiveness.

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