March 27, 2007

The March of Folly

I am reading historian Barbara Tuchman's March of Folly again. I guess it has to do with the behavior of our Democrat party. The book is a narrative explaining many examples of leaders and governments acting in ways clearly against their best interest. I have read this book several times and consider it one of her best.

When discussing the British behavoir leading up to the Revolutionary War, I came across this:

"The American problem, even while it grew progressively more acute, was never except during a brief turmoil over the Stamp Act, a primary concern of British politics until the actual outbreak of hostilities. The all-pervading, all-important problem that absorbed major attention was the game of faction, the obtaining of office, the manipulating of connections, the making and breaking of political alliances-in sum, the business, more urgent, more vital, more passionate than any other, of who's in, who's out."

The democrat party does not give a damn how much damage they do as long it perpetuates their quest for power.

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