January 22, 2007

Glossary For A Brave New World

Here is a handy set of terms which will help you understand the current political scene:

Obamad - To find oneself in a near-ecstatic state by the discovery of the perfect liberal icon.

Sheehanigans - The tendency of one to spout incoherent babble and socialistic platitudes as a mechanism for dealing with grief. (see also Codepinkeye)

Peloosened - The unwillingness to deliver on committments after promising them. Alternate definition: the creation of excess flappy skin caused by a rapid bulging of the eyes.

Chapaquitted - A state of near invunerablity. The ability to say or do incredibly stupid things without being called into account. Often associated with being born into royalty.

ALotted - A state of being committed to one’s personal power base to the deteriment of the entire team.

Tortalitarianism - Creating a just and better America with opportunities for all by suing corporations. A cause championed by Sen. John Edwards.

UPDATE: Thanks to the boss, here are some additions - which I thought of.

Sharptonion: The ability to see racial discrimination in everything, including a simple glass of water.

Murthanasia: Incorruptability and intellectual authority because of prior military service

Jeffersoned: When the FBI finds money in your freezer, ie, “Damn, da man come bustin’ up in my crib an I was all Jeffersoned an shit”.

McKinneyed: Getting out of almost anything by sayin’ “Don’t you know who I am?”, or knowing that I don’t have to follow the rules because I am an oppressed black woman.

I’m pretty good, if I may say so myself.


Hanntagonize: The act of inviting a person into a three to five minute dialogue but berating that person non-stop instead.

Kossified: The petrified state of a liberal’s brain after 3 days of reading the Daily Kock.

Rangletarian: Anyone against the “Lynching” of a murderous POS dictator.

Reidtardation: Stomping on legislation that your own party put forward to reduce corruption.


Krugmania: when one makes the false assumption that an expert in one field is an expert in all fields. Also, the belief that your side is always right, even when they disagree with you, in which case you ignore them. Also, the belief that the other side is always wrong, even when they agree with you, in which case you also ignore them.

Atriosity/atriosious/atriosities: A liberal or liberalism that is well-known, yet void of any substance.

This was Prestonized

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