December 08, 2006

Iraq Success Guide


American Dinosaur's Ten step guide to success in Iraq

1. We vaporize the Iranian oil refineries, we lose 15% of the world's known oil reserves, but we send Ahmanutjob back to the seventh century where he aspires to be. Cut off the head the of the snake.

2. We tell the House of Saud to Knock their shit off or we turn Mecca into glow-in-the-dark tribute to Allah for the next 300 years, Tancredo style.

3.Secure the Syrian border by all means necessary.

4.Remove the MSM from the battlefield, remove the UN from New York, and remove political interference of the military objectives.

5.Trials for known enemies of the state for sedition and treason

6.Demonstrate the Blackjack Pershing method of Muslim moderation, dip our bullets in Pig's blood and set aside the sensitivies for the Victory celebration.

7.Clarify our position to the Iraqi government that we will leave after we win, at all costs if necessary. Including reducing the entire country to rubble. The "Sometimes you have to destroy the village to save it" method has merit.

8.No more talking, posturing or explaining. The only thing members of the "Religion of Death" understand is a position of strength and resolve, village by village, town by town, city by city. Time to drop the hammer.

9.Force the Domestic Surrender Monkeys to choose a side and persue them with the same religious fanaticism as our Muslim brothers do.

10. Leave the Middle East with the understanding that we cannot undo 5000 years of primitive barbarism with western values or sensibilites. If they behave like primates we must treat them like primates. Spend our future blood and treasure on our energy independence and leave the flea bitten shithole to the savages.

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