December 04, 2006

Navy Blues

Michelle Malkin breaks down why the streets of San Francisco give our men and women in uniform the blues. Maybe it is time to move Fleet Week to less hostile waters. The local Moonbats call it the Counterrecruitment movement.

Navy in a Jam

"Continuing their crusade against the military, anti-war groups have asked San Francisco radio station KMEL-FM not to accept sponsorship from the Navy for its annual Summer Jam concert in Mountain View. Despite the fact that the Navy has sponsored the concert for at least 10 of its 19 years, these groups are demanding that it suddenly stop doing so now.

Their rationale is based on the ever-present canard that minorities are disproportionately recruited for the military. They claim that the station is "using hip-hop to promote the military to young people of color," as if the mere presence of a Navy booth at the concert offering young people another choice in life is evidence of a sinister agenda.

The fact that all recruits today, whatever their race, are volunteers seems to mean little to anti-war activists, who insist on portraying American soldiers either as victims or butchers, depending on the cause at hand. In this case, it's simply opposition to the war in Iraq. In a letter sent to Clear Channel, the company that owns KMEL as well as the liberal Air America, activists hysterically equated the Navy's sponsorship of the concert with promoting "the Bush administration's pro-war agenda." To them, any approach that doesn't automatically demonize the U.S. military is somehow amoral. "

More Troop Support:

"The Navy's Blue Death is scheduled the same weekend of 10/8-9/05 to once again terrorize San Francisco with its illegal low flights over heavily populated San Francisco, wasting tax dollars and oil, and making a horrific noise. As we all should know by now, the military does not exist to entertain anyone; it exists to murder the workers of the world so as to maximize the profits of the capitalist class. "

The end of JROTC victory celebration to be held on December 7th of all days

If they don't want us there lets move out and take all the money with us.

Winter Fires Back!

Woman Honor Thyself has much more on this subject.

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