January 29, 2010

Obama Two Thumbs Up

One for canceling NASA's Moon shot bullshit

Two for promoting the Nuke power program

Barry is Still a Hypocrite

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Night Moves

I picked up a new Colt Talo Night Defender last week and took it to the range today. I am very pleased! No FTF or FTE's using 230 hardballs and spot on accuracy. (For Me) Coming in at 22 ounces, a nice CCW piece to replace the Kimber Ultra Carry II I gave my son. Nice features and good balance. My only complaints would be it ejects the brass into the next county and taking the slide stop in and out takes a little practice. It is a keeper.

MFG Model No:O7000ND
FFamily:1911 Style
Pistol Series Model:Night Defender
Type:Semi-Auto Pistol
Caliber:45 ACP
Frame:Alloy Frame
Sights:Tritium Night Sight Front
Barrel Length:3"
Additional Info:Custom Shop Box
Additional Info:Blue Slide / Silver Frame

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January 28, 2010

Hog Jaw Gitsum

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Ford The Other Car Company

You know, the NGO car company........

Big Blue Oval making money and great cars and trucks.....

American Dinosaur..........F250 4X4 Superduty
Mrs. Dinosaur..................F150 SuperCrew
Dino Son........................F250 4X4 Superduty

We are doing our part to buy American and have the biggest carbon footprint we can afford!

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Barack Obama

Making GWB look good since 2009............He could quite possibly be the best thing to has happen to the conservative movement......EVAR!


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