October 04, 2009

The New Gitmo?

Very interesting.........

"American Police Force, a little known company which claims to specialize in training military and security forces overseas, has seemingly taken control of a $27 million, never-used jail, and a rural Montana town’s nonexistent police force.
After arriving in this tiny city with three Mercedes SUVs marked with the logo of a police department that has never existed, representatives of the obscure California security company said preparations were under way to take over Hardin’s jail, which has no prisoners.
AFP’s group’s website boasts that they “successfully provided assistance in training foreign military organizations in combating transnational terrorism” and claims that it’s “recognized as one of the top security and investigation forces in the world.” Too bad no one’s ever heard of them — not even the U.S. government, a group with which AFP claims to have worked.
Their lawyer, Maziar Mafi, a malpractice expert how was hired a month ago, offers few details, other than that it’s a satellite of a larger security firm. "

The New Gitmo?

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Jack and Squat

SNL like the old days..................

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