October 25, 2005

RTR So Much to Read So Little Time Edition


All Quiet On The Baghdad Front by Michael Yon

The worlds Top 100 Beers

Speaking of beers here is a way to Save Gas

Andy Card, Serial Souterizer from Cap'n Ed

Global Security explains why Syria is on the hotseat over the Hariri assassination.

Hispanic Pundit on Why Don't Latinos Do As Well In School?

Iraqi Chicks with guns.......How cool is that? from the divine Ms. Ragucci

Loathsome George the limey moonbat from across the pond may also be in hot water. Another UN-Oil-For-Food casualty.

Speaking on the UN, HERE is more on the International Asshat Annon

Speaking of Asshats, The New (D)ummo meme

G O C has got your grannies Right here!

The Carnival Of True Civil Liberites IV is up!

Nothing from Bullseye since Sunday night. He got Bullseyed by Wilma, I hope he is OK. Just a post with a creepy wav. file of a storm..............

Time for my This Will Piss You Off post of the week.

George On Jeff

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