October 11, 2005

RtR Back In The Saddle Edition

Back from Elk Springs, tired and wore plum out. Hauled two pallet of block 276 miles over two mountain ranges and unloaded them, poured five yards of concrete, finished the split rail fencing project, loaded two junk trucks and hauled them 276 miles home all in two days..........I am too old for that kinda shit.


Miers and Elitism From Rightwing Nuthouse

Reason #2765 to hate the UN, now they are using Those Little Blue Bastards as political footballs.

Careful when you start slinging feces

More Feces Flinging

Amazingly stupid people doing Amazingly stupid stuff

The power of Kenny

All in all it is just another brick in the The Wall

A fairly comprehensive roundup on GWB's Tar baby

ROP weekly update of the growing number of dead in the name of Allah

Merkel making Gerhardt look like Erkel

Good Stuff on the 2nd Amendment Part Deux

Good news coming from Afghanistan?

All things in moderation useful beer knowledge.

Speaking of beer, after a few I almost bought one of THESE at the Home Show yesterday........The Minister of Finance said no, but it ain't over yet.

THIS will piss you off.


I agree with Chuck on his assessment of the Earfkwakes

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"THIS will piss you off."


Posted by: gindy at October 11, 2005 05:51 PM
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