September 14, 2005

Did Ya Ever Wonder Why?


Did ya ever wonder why you can't remember the last time a liberal Democrat said anything good about America?

Did ya ever wonder why the three horses asses of the apocalypse, Nagin, Blanco, and Landrieu were so quick to blame GWB for not only for the federal response but the actual hurricane itself?

Did ya ever wonder why Leahy, Biden, and Kennedy all came to the Roberts gunfight armed with only their intellectual plastic spoons?

Did ya ever wonder why the left is corkscrewing into oblivion and continue to embrace the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Michael Newdow?

Did ya ever wonder why the liberal Democrats cannot possibly give credit to the EVIL corporations, the military, churchgoers, and all those racist white conservatives for doing the lionshare of the relief efforts in the aftermath of Katrina?

Did ya ever wonder why you cannot seem to very enthusiastic about the Hollywood celluloid pontificators movies without reliving their political inclinations anymore?

Did ya ever wonder why those from the liberal left berate God, the flag, the family, guns, patriotism, and moral values in the name of tolerance and diversity?

Did ya ever wonder why the Military is the first one called to aid and is the first one called on the carpet when the Democrats run out of solutions?

Did ya ever wonder why so many of America's current ailments are the cause of liberal militant enviromental policies of the last thirty years?

Did ya ever wonder there has been no practical solutions as to why we cannot meet our energy needs for the future in the absence of new refineries, nuclear power plants, domestic drilling, solar, and wind power coming from the left?

Did you ever wonder why Howard Dean seems to embody all that is right and just in the DNC to its members and all that is repungnant and wrong to those of us looking in?

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I liked reading that.

Thank you.

Posted by: Kurt Neurauter at September 17, 2005 01:16 PM
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