September 13, 2005

RTR Grindstone Edition

September 11th has come and gone, Katrina clean up is under way and OIF is still going............Back to the grindstone

Cowboy Blob has a roundup on blogs participating in Project Valor IT a terrific program you should have a look at. (they will send you a very cool commerative coin with your donation, I got mine!)

Wazzadem breaks down the Landrieu/Wallace exchange in which Mary proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what an idiot she is.

Gribbit gives us a play by play on the Roberts hearings at Stop The ACLU

The Smallest Minority maybe growing Larger in the Katrina Aftermath

Pam at Iraq War Today post about a hero that lost his home in Biloxi and how you can help.

Jack Army explains a change in benefits that will aloow spouses to use GI Bill credits as a re-up incentive

Good stuff from Small Dead Animals Canadian blogging at its best.

A blogger of considerable talent that is unjustly overlooked, Liberal Utopia offers this well written post.

The Flight 93 Memorial dissected by Wretchard

Bullseye.............On Ebay

Time to get out of the 8th century by Salman Rushdie


Protest Warriors in our backyard? hell Yes and I am going to join them!

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