September 06, 2005

The Last Word

I have grown weary of the Katrina finger pointing circle jerk. It appears that the Gov. suffered a form of paralysis, the Mayor was overwhelmed and underprepared. The feds reacted with caution and probably were a little slow to mobilize.

That being said I think we need to realize that if you live on the coast and below sea level you are going to get spanked sooner or later. If you live in Kansas the chances your house will be damaged or destroyed by a tornado are fairly good in a forty year period. If I live in California then I can take my pick of earthquakes, brushfires, mudslides, or O.J.. Even in the West we have our share of things that will kill you if your domicile is poorly located.

The point is WHY IS ANYONE SHOCKED that New Orleans is a turd filled toilet now? They have been warning, predicting, and expecting doomsday for fifty years. They had an emergency plan and did not implement it.

I personally loved the place and was hoping to return there soon. Not gonna happen now. Louisiana and New Orleans in particular has been a den of corruption and graft for a century. The fact that the state and the city are both run by democrats is lost on the blame GWB crowd. In times of emergency it is the Governor that needs to take the reigns and not wait for the President.

The residents were recently told that if a Cat 3 or bigger hurricane hit and they chose to stay, they were on their own. Well Mother Nature finally threw a strike down the Gulf of Mexico bowling alley. It is easy to Monday-after-the-Hurricane quarterback, but it really comes down to the sheer magnitude of the devastation. Can you really prepare for this to everyone's satisfaction? I think not.

I cannot watch the camera whore celebrities anymore and I think the MSM is already beating this to death with the antics of Herdildo Rivera and the rest of the drama queens. I am already reduced to Turner Classic Movies and don't go to the theater anymore because of the nauseating drivel from Actors turned Experts on every concievable event and catastrophy.

I will send some more of my hard earned money to help and when we get some refugees here I will see what I can do to ease their suffering. That is what we Americans do, and we do it better that the rest of this miserable planet. I must confess that when I see cops looting and the lowest forms of mans inhumanity to man taking place in our own back yard I have my doubts about the future of the Republic.

So Just shut up, roll up you sleaves, and get back to living. Let us bury the dead with honor and dignity. Save what can be saved, build again what was lost, and show the world why we still are the best mankind has to offer. NO ONE can match our resolve or compassion in times of despair. We see the worst of the worst on TV, we rarely get the chance to see the heroes. They are too busy.

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Amen! The behavior of so many thugs over there has been embarrassing to me as well. I told my wife I was reluctant to give any money. So again, I say Amen to this post!

Posted by: Jay at September 7, 2005 05:16 AM
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