August 23, 2005

Round the Reader AM/PM Addition


I have to get up early and dive into my capitalist pastime so ya all get some RTR before then after I get home some more!

Beth has the scoop and the goods on WMAL's suspension and subsequent firing of Michael Graham
The Minutemen do Double Duty
Language barrier leads to Hate speech? Taken from the Freepers
Atzlan elections begin at home
How about a brutally honest look at the Greatest movie line ever!
Acidman on Troll placement.
Princess Kimberley demonstrates the ROP+PA+GAZA=DOA Israelis ASAP
Jeff Goldstein and Reader File Closer Bitchslap a troll aptly named Patton. via Speed Of Thought
The Lone Wacko has a enough stuff on Illegal Immigration to......well drive you wacko!
Cary acting in the New York city Renaissance Faire

More later........

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Screwed up all day sorry!

Posted by: Billy Budd at August 23, 2005 05:58 PM
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